Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Find All The Coloured Records You Need In Your Collection

So a couple of days ago I started searching for a gift for someone. I, being highly intrigued with vinyls, decided that records was a good way to go.

And as we all know, coloured vinyls are beautiful and exclusive records; they are reserved for being limited editions, are more expensive, and harder to come by. It's actually kind of insane how much more someone will spend on a coloured record as opposed to a regular one, which has no notable difference in sound quality or material, only a change to the aesthetic of the record itself.

Some would even argue that coloured records don't last as long as black ones.

But I'm not one to talk, since I've bought two since yesterday.

Because you've gotta' admit, there's a certain satisfaction in owning the coloured version of a great album.

But what I'm getting at, is that I found a really awesome website where you can look up almost any band and find all the coloured vinyls of it that are available for purchase online. From Depeche Mode to Moose Blood, to Rancid, there are tons of coloured records waiting to be stored away in your collection.

The website offers pictures of the vinyls (obviously), info regarding the individual records, and links to sellers on

The website is called (not blunt at all), but please don't go crazy. I've already went through their entire showcase, and spent around a hundred dollars.

Happy vinyl buying,


Monday, May 22, 2017

EricArthurBlair's New Self-Titled Album Release

I don't know how many of you will remember, but when I started this blog my only intentions were to write about obscure cult-followed bands (I.E. Future Islands, Two Door Cinema Club, etc); the majority being from the States and the UK.

But a little along the way I found myself introduced to an absolutely fantastical local band that inevitably inspired me to transition into also blogging about local artists in Mississauga and the GTA. 

That band was EricArthurBlair.

Now, EricArthurBlair has returned with an outstanding roster of ten new songs on their latest self-titled album release.

Featuring amazing tracks, such as: Cauterize, Tomorrow Love Today, and Delicate, this new album is pretty fucking awesome, and EricArthurBlair still remains one of my undeniably favourite GTA bands, for their distinct and unique sound that you really can't quite get anywhere else.
I find that the difficulty to create and maintain an unmistakable personal sound is so eminent that bands very rarely manage to do it anymore, but here we are.

Deriving the best of alternative pop punk, if you're a fan of fast tempos, some cryptic lyrics, badass guitar, immense drums, and charismatic vocals, then this album will be a profusion of all you're greatest imaginations. 

So go check out EricArthurBlair on Bandcamp and send me one of those thank you cards later. 

You know, after you're done listening to some cool-as-fuck music.



Thursday, May 18, 2017

Future Islands: Synthpop of Baltimore, Maryland

I'll bet absolutely none of you have been wondering where the fuck I've been. Although, if you're here, you must like me somewhat, right?

Regardless, the explanation for my absence is quite simple; I had nothing to write about that wasn't personal and/or not music related and I was busy.

A quick catch up? I met the most amazing boy, I kept waitressing, I went on a fabulous drunken weekend vacation with some crazy people, I spent another weekend with some more awesomely crazy people in Charleviox, I lost my voice for about a month, I periodically lost my Macbook (rum & coke and I now have a love/hate relationship), I bought a fake ID, I had a bouncer take my fake ID away, I turned down the offer to do a TV show, I indefinitely quit drinking caffeine, and I recently decided to change my career path (I have 50 tabs worth of commercial real estate open as we speak).

As of right now, this is all I can muster of interest to recall, regarding my life.

But let's not talk about me, let's talk about an amazing band, because that's what we're all really here to discuss.


You're welcome.

To begin, anyone who knows me knows that I have a serious and possibly unhealthy obsession with anything involving synthesizers. Future Islands is no exception.

Transformed from a blend of keyboards, drums, bass, and an exceptionally distinct voice; Future Islands is a self described post-waveband consisting of Gerrit Welmers, William Cashion, and Samuel Herring, that creates all of the 80s nostalgia-inducing synth-pop along with all the modern uniqueness necessary to be regarded as something very special in my eyes.

My favourite aspect of Future Islands is something I love in many artists, which is an upbeat and optimistic sound paired with depressing and melancholy lyrics. I mean, is there really anything better than that combination?

A sound that makes you happy but isn't devoid of meaning and can make you feel like you're not the singular person going through a particular struggle?

*cough* Fuck you Justin Timberlake *cough*

Now, I wish I could give you a few names of songs that are my favourite, but every damn one of them is fucking fantastic. So I'm going to tell you to start by listening to "Ran" and go from there.

The rest is up to you, kid.



P.s. Future Islands will be performing at the Danforth on May 27th; unfortunately I cannot attend seeing as what was previously mentioned, I no longer have a fake ID. If you yourself happen to go, please let me know how fantastical it is. 

(*Post-Wave: I.E. A beautiful combination of New Wave and Post Punk)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How The Strumbella's Gained Me As A Fan (In Under Fifteen Minutes)

Just as the title would imply, I recently got to see The Strumbella's live at the Danforth theatre.

For three songs.

Two of which, were the encore.

One of which, was Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.

You see, a few months ago I purchased tickets simply due to the fact that they were 15 a pop. Pretty good deal, right?
Well, considering I'm an impulsive ticket buyer, and do so frequently, I forgot entirely, and the show fell on a day I was working.

A hop, skip, and a boat ride away and somehow we ended up at the show just as the band was closing with Spirits.

And not only did I show up incredibly late, but I also happened to have purchased All Ages tickets at 2 in the afternoon, which, at the time, I didn't realize meant half the audience would be roughly 5 to 8 years old. Which would explain why they played Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer as their final song.

So, although I was late and surrounded by children and their hipster parents (decked out in the snazziest of suspenders, flannel, and groomed beards, I may add), The Strumbella's are quite the charismatic bunch.

I really fell in love with their optimism and sincere connection with their crowd. They made everyone in the room feel included in something really spectacular. And let's face it, any band that can impress you in under 15 minutes must be pretty damn impressive.

I can only imagine how exciting and lively the group would be full show and during the 19+ at night; especially at a venue as nice as the Danforth, with it's descending stadium and ample size (not ginormous, and not incredibly tiny).

Not to mention, Simon Wards voice is exactly, if not even better, live, as it is on record. A lively voice with just the right amount of integrity and emotion one could want in a vocalist.

So my recommendation would definitely be to check out a Strumbella's gig next time they're in town.

Just make sure you buy the right tickets... and remember buying them.



Thursday, December 29, 2016

Why I Love The Drums (The Indie Pop Band, Not The Instrument)

Do you like synthy, 80s themed, happy-sad, British-sounding bands?

Well then I have just the thing for you.

Emanating The Smiths and/or The Cure vibes, The Drums is one of my new favourite bands.

Fronted by the enigmatic and charismatic Jonny Pierce, The Drums is an Indie Pop band originating in Brooklyn, and they are fantastical.

With the upbeat resonating sounds of Jacob Graham's synthesizer, Adam Kessler's cheeky electric guitar (up until late 2010), Connor Hanwick's sanguine drums (Until 2014), and Pierce's mysteriously Morrisey styled vocals, the group encompasses the most joyful expressions of sadness and misery.

(Ironically, still called The Drums, the band no longer has a drummer or guitarist as of 2016)

The best way I can describe them are as an artist's artists. And by that, I mean you probably require a background in heavy music listening to truly appreciate it; otherwise it may just sound like a mash of synthesizer modes and incomprehensible lyrics.

I'm really pitching this great, aren't I?

So, I truly hope you can enjoy this band as much as I do, because I'm becoming quite addicted.

The first song I recommend listening to is Best Friend. By far my favourite, Best Friend is not only a perfect description of everything I admire in the band, but is also accompanied by one of my favourite music videos of all time, distinctly just for it's sheer lovability and quirkiness.

The Drums - Best Friend

Other songs I'd recommend trying are Money, I Need A Doctor, Days, and Down By The Water.

Down By The Water was the first song I tried, and to my fault, my conclusion was that they were actually an 80s band. It certainly made me love them.

So enjoy your new band recommendation. More so for me than you, I don't want to think I'm the only person listening to this depressing sh*t at 3am.