Friday, August 26, 2016

Let Me Introduce You To: Cobi

So I have a new favourite.

You know how sometimes you come across someone or a group on Youtube and you're just left staggered by the fact you hadn't heard of them before?

I give you; Cobi.

And before you ask; no, I don't like him solely because he has pretty eyes. (although, it doesn't hurt).

I was a little sceptical at first, as I always am. 

The first song I listened to was the studio version of Don't You Cry For Me, and during the first twenty to thirty seconds of it I was already looking for something else to click on. I mean, it was fine but it wasn't yet blog worthy. You know? And I was looking more for something Dream Poppy or Electronic Rock.

But as you could expect, it took a turn for the magnificent, and I absolutely adore it.  He has a very naturally raw, lovely vibrato that just really resonates in your emotions. 

And as one could expect, the live version is even better. The live version is always better when it comes to real artists (*ahem, f*ck you Selena). 

I am incredibly in love with this guys voice and his innately modest aura.  

So I'm politely begging anyone reading to go check out Cobi and hear for yourself. 

This guy should be far more well known than he is, so lets try and get him there. 

Always yours,


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The First CD I Ever Asked For

A couple of days ago I was emptying out boxes of all my old things (oh, how torturous that was) to give away items to goodwill, throw away, needlessly hold-on to forever and ever etc, etc.

Upon finding my childhood toys, many, many books, and about 300 dollars worth of Twilight memorabilia (from some very, very dark times in my pre-teen years), I came across my limited CD collection. And I found a very significant CD.

I say limited because most of the money I had at the time went towards Twilight books and boxing gear (an odd, slightly deranged, child, to say the least).

To the real point here, I have to share something with you guys. Something so overwhelmingly mortifying that even you will cringe at the thought of it.

Fads come and go. Children go through fazes.

Fortunately, I never succumbed to most fazes.

I was never an emo, I was never an Avril-Lavigne idolizing skater girl, and I never pierced any body parts my parents definitely wouldn't have wanted me piercing.

But I can't say that all fazes missed me. Oh no, that would be a far too easy young-adulthood.

My mortification comes from a (somewhat) musical source.

As you know, for some pre-teen girls it was the New Kids On The Block, for others it was the BackStreet Boys, for even more others it was N'SYNC (Lord bless your soul), but for me, it was far, far, far worse.

It was... drum roll please...


                     Justin Bieber - My World (Special Edition)

Yes, I too was once a deaf, hormone stricken, eleven year old music buyer with very questionable motives.

What can I say? The guy had flippy hair. To an eleven year old girl, flippy hair was like the epitome of all hotness. Flippy hair was hotter than Kit Harington.

And to make this even more noteworthy, of all the empty CD cases, of all the cases missing track lists, and of all the scratched to f*ck CD's, THIS one was is absolute, perfect, scratch-less, brand f*cking new condition.

Almost as if I hadn't played it eight hundred thousand times in my 90s karaoke machine.

Because out of all those CD's, the Justin Bieber - My World was that important to my ten/eleven year old soul.

And I was a consistent Justin Bieber fan girl for over a year.

Oh what a failure of a child I was.

But the reason I'm telling you this is because I feel it can inspire hope in someone. Hope that a person can go from being a die-hard Belieber to being a music enthusiast, music blogger, and vocalist for an Alt-Rock band.

I feel that the sacrifice of my dignity is worth your gained faith in the progression of humanity.

All hope is not lost my friends, you can still make it back from the darkest depths of terrible music hell.

So this is your inspiration for today.

If I can make it through such a difficult time, so can you.

Thoughtfully yours,


Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Hip's Final Concert

So today I'd been given an unfortunate ultimatum, to choose between watching The Tragically Hip live concert on CBC or Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor at UFC 202.

Being a boxer/musician, this is like asking an emo kid to pick between My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy.

*insert shooting self in face emoji*

Just watch the Hip? Try and juggle both?

Luckily, fate made the decision easy for me when I went to check what time McGregor is on and I realized it would cost me 50 bucks.

So I suppose I'll be watching that after the fact.


Not that I would have ever ended up boycotting the Hip anyway; the final Hip concert isn't really something you can miss, especially as a Canadian.

This is going to be one of the most emotionally heart wrenching concerts you could possibly imagine.
Every time I've heard TTH over the last few weeks, I've just automatically responded with tears, so you can imagine how unbearably gutted I'm going to be watching it.

You see, someone like Gord Downie only comes along once in a thousand lifetimes, and I don't think enough people understand just how incredible he is.

Downie has the unimaginable combination of insanely perfect lyrics, incomparable persona, and a tear-inducing voice.

So I hope you metaphorically join me tonight in watching The Tragically Hip's final masterpiece.



(The final 'Hip concert will be broadcast at 8pm on CBC) 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Have You Been Blessed With Kaleo Yet?

Do you ever listen to a song and it just brings you to such an emotional level that your eyes start tearing up?

You can't even prevent it, your entire being is just telling you "YOU NEED TO CRY RIGHT NOW" and you can't stop it because the song is just too extrordinary?

Well it looks like I'm crying in Tim Hortons right now.

Over the last few weeks a particular song has been trending in the alternative charts, and I have been completely in love with it since the day it started playing on radio stations.

Just now I was downloading it and once again my tears got the best of me, because I'm a marshmallow. #MarshmallowHeartForever

The song I'm referring to is Way Down We Go by Icelandic band, Kaleo.

Jökull Júlíusson's intensely mesmerizing vocals are something to worship over and I absolutely love it to death. It's like a combination of Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys), Chet Faker, and an actual angel. 
It's such a distressed, broken sounding voice that you can't just listen to casually. It's the type of song you have to sit and listen to. You know?

So I urge you to go try some Kaleo, you won't regret it.



P.s. Listen to Way Down We Go and All The Pretty Girls

Jökull is so cute ❤️

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Suicide Squad Soundtrack Review

*No Spoilers, You're Safe 👍

Yesterday, after weeks on weeks of casually losing my sh*t over Harley Quinn and the Joker, I finally got to see the much talked about, Suicide Squad.

Was I disappointed at some little things? A little.

Did I love it anyway? Yes.

The squad was absolutely awesome. As much as I thought I'd dislike the role of Deadshot, he was actually pretty bad*ss and Diablo was cool as hell.

But I guess the biggest question is, were Joker and Harley as incredibly awe-inspiring as they appeared in the trailers?




If a movie with just the two of them is not in the works then it needs to be considered soon, because as a movie couple they were just electrifyingly wicked and I love them together.

So many people have been saying that the movie versions of the characters was glorifying an abusive relationship but in my opinion it seems that they are simply changing the characters personalities. It isn't the same Joker and Harley Quinn from the comics, they're better. Just like books get altered when made into movies, so do comics and in this circumstance, they're frigging awesome.

Also, anyone who thinks Jared Leto doesn't do the Joker justice, is clearly off their meds.

(Also note: Harley is f*cking bad*ssery goals)

But aside from the movie, the soundtrack was awesome too. And you can listen to it on Spotify here.

1) Skrillex - Purple Lamborghini
2) Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons - Sucker For Pain
3) Twenty One Pilots - Heathens
4) Action Bronson, Mark Ronson, Dan Aurback - Standing In The Rain
5) Kehlani - Gangsta
6) Kevin Gates - Know Better
7) Grace, G-Eazy - You Don't Own Me
8) Eminem - Without Me
9) Skylar Grey - Wreak Havoc
10) Grimes - Medieval Warfare
11) Panic! At The Disco - Bohemian Rhapsody
12) War - Slippin' Into Darkness
13) Creedance Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son
14) Confidential Music, Becky Hanson - I Started A Joke

Featuring Kehlani, Skrillex, and my much obsessed-over favourite, Twenty One Pilots; the Suicide Squad soundtrack is exactly the type of music you'd want to listen to if you were a psychotic, ultra-human bad-guy who's just been released from ultra-bad-guy prison to take on super-evil. 

Ominous, empowering, and enigmatic, the soundtrack is a great playlist to save to your Spotify account. 

Although, I was almost 100% sure The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army was in the movie but it doesn't seem to be credited. 

Nonetheless, great movie, brilliant characters, and an equally brilliant soundtrack, so check it out.